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Here you will learn how to create a cover letter and resume. Both are essential when looking for jobs or applying to university or community college. You will also explore a career path and create an informative guide to tell people about it.

It's worth knowing how to create a cover letter and resume because chances are you'll make several of both as you go through your working life. Instead of relying on templates and tools format them for you, here you will create both using only a word processing program.

You will also look at how resumes and cover letters can be customized when applying for specific positions.

Programs Required

  Microsoft Word
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Publisher
Microsoft Publisher
Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft PowerPoint

Time Required


6-10 Classes

Group Size


The resume and cover letter sections need to be done individually. The career guide can be done individually or with a partner. Check with your teacher.



Work through each of the sections in the module to create the necessary assignments. You should watch the accompanying videos to be sure that you are using the correct methods for creating your materials.




Spelling and grammar are important! Mistakes in your text show a lack of effort and attention

Use the correct methods for each project (e.g. use Tab instead of the space bar to indent)

Check all the requirements for each section carefully


  Other Software
You may be able to use other programs as well. Check with your teacher.

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