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In this module you will learn to type using the touch typing method. This involves using all of your fingers to interact with the keyboard without having to look at the keys.

Programs Required

  All The Right Type
All The Right Type (or another keyboarding program)

Time Required


6-10 Classes

Group Size


This module is done individually



Read the section below, watch the videos about All The Right Type, then launch the program and begin typing.

Important Requirements


Your hand position is extremely important. Use the method shown in the program - don't just use the "two-finger shuffle."

To avoid injury or stress, you should stretch out your fingers, hands, wrists and arms a few times each hour. Also, to avoid eye strain, you should look away from the screen every so often as well.

Depending on the progress of others in the class, you may not get to the end of the program. It is important you try to work through as efficiently as you can.

The program won't allow you to use the Cap Lock key. This is good since it is a key you should almost never use anyway.

Good to Know


Your mark is based on a combination of hand placement and posture (checked by your teacher) and your progress in All The Right Type. The program tracks your keystrokes and records your accuracy, errors and speed.

Understanding Touch Typing

Q. Why should I learn to type?

A. In information driven societies such as ours, typing is a valuable skill. Situations where you might need to type come in many forms... school reports, blogging, writing letters to friends, operating cash registers and other equipment and more.

Keyboard Layout Showing Homerow Keys

What is touch typing?

Touch typing is the ability to type without having to look at your fingers. It saves you time and effort because you won't have to keep looking back and forth from your hands to the screen. Not only will you communicate more quickly, but you will be able to spend more time thinking about your message and less time looking at the keys.

But I can already type!

Sure you might already type a bit using two or three fingers, but why crawl when you can run? You could hunt and peck for the right keys, but using all of your fingers will multiply your speed by leaps and bounds. Beginning with the home row keys (ASDF and JKL;), you will learn the entire alphabet on the keyboard as well as symbols, numbers and capital letters.

What's in it for me?

Beyond saving time and effort, good typing methods also reduce the risks associated with working on computers. You will learn the basics of posture and positioning to keep the strain on your hands, wrists and body to a minimum.

For those that spend a lot of time on the computer, good keyboarding skills are essential. It makes sense to be able to work more quickly and effectively with less chance of developing an injury. Good technique now could prevent pain, disability or even the need for corrective surgery later.

Did other students benefit from learning to type?

Many former students who studied typing will tell you that learning how to type was one of the best things they learned in school. Those who didn't learn how to type will tell you that they wish they had!

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