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Activity 1 - Creating Modern Art

New Brunswick

What You'll Create

Using a picture of yourself, you will create five altered images (using filters and effects) and then arrange the six images to create a unique work of art.


Together all of the activities in this module will help you learn the basics of photo editing. This activity will allow you to explore how filters and effects can be used to enhance or alter a picture. It will also have you use many basic photo editing techniques.

Features to include

  • A picture (photo) of yourself (if unavailable use another person's)
  • Apply different filters and/or effects to the picture to create five variations of the picture
  • Take the original picture and the five variations and combine them to make a single image
  • Make your finished image 800x600 pixels in size (800 wide / 600 high)
  • Put the unaltered original image in the top left corner
  • Include a list of the effects you applied

See an example

The Activity 1 example is here.

Step by step tutorials

Take the Quiz

Test your skills by trying the quiz. Depending on your class, you teacher may want to see the results right way. In any event, knowing the answers to these questions will help you write the post test for the module.

Activity 1 Quiz (Regular) or Activity 1 Quiz (Acc)

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