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Activity 2 - Create a Round Button

New Brunswick

What You'll Create

A round election button or sticker that you could print and distribute to voters. You will need a picture of yourself.

Depending on your class, you might need to take it with a digital camera, scan one from home, bring one on a disk or copy it from a shared folder if your teacher has already taken your picture.


Creating images with clear backgrounds is a common task that you will encounter often. This is a practical skill you might need if you run for student council. With label sheets from an office supply store, you can mass produce buttons, stickers or other promotional materials easily.

Features to include

  • A Canadian flag as part of your background
  • A picture of you with background removed (sometimes called a floating head shot)
  • Arced (curved) text above/below with a catchy slogan.
  • Arced (curved) text below/above saying something like "Vote _____", where _____ is your name.
  • Include the original picture of you and the flag in your slide show.

See an example

The Activity 2 example is here.

Step by step tutorials

Take the Quiz

Test your skills by trying the quiz. Depending on your class, you teacher may want to see the results right way. In any event, knowing the answers to these questions will help you write the post test for the module.

Activity 2 Quiz (Regular) or Activity 2 Quiz (Acc)

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