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Activity 4a - Removing a Person from an Image

New Brunswick

What You'll Create

This activity has two parts. First, you will remove a person or object from a picture (Activity 4a). Second, you will add a person or object to a picture (Activity 4b).

For this activity, you will need a remove someone (or something) from. You should take some time to find a picture which is well suited to the task. The more elements such as angle, lighting and positioning are matched, the easier it will be.


If an anonymous bystander has ever appeared in the background of your picture, you'll know why this important. You could also remove other elements like power lines, litter, or even touch up blemishes on a person's skin using the methods outlined here. Being able to remove someone (or something) can help make all the difference between a so-so picture and a great one.

Features to include

  • Provide the original picture
  • Include the URL from the site where you found the original picture (if applicable)
  • Replace the removed element with some other element of the background of the current picture (don't add something from another picture)
  • The results should look as realistic and natural as possible
  • It should look like the object (or person) was never there

See an example

The Activity 4a example is here.

Step by step tutorials

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