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Activity 4b - Adding a Person to an Image

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What You'll Create

In the previous part of this activity, you removed someone (or something) from an image (Activity 4a). Here you will do the opposite and add something (or someone) to another image (Activity 4b).

You will need to start with two separate images. Depending on the pictures you select, the degree of difficulty can vary greatly. You should take the time to find pictures well suited to the task. Again, elements such as angle, lighting and positioning are key to believable results.


Have you ever wished someone could have made it to the party? Well, now you can make it seem like they were. These skills can be used to create fantasy pictures of you with your heroes or add distant relatives to family photos.

The ability to add someone (or something) you care about to a photo can add a profound emotional element to an otherwise ordinary photo.

Features to include

  • Provide the original picture
  • Include the URL from the site where you found the original picture (if applicable)
  • Attention to colouration, lighting, size and positioning are important
  • The results should look as realistic and natural as possible
  • It should look like the object (or person) was always there

See an example

The Activity 4b example is here.

Step by step tutorials - Activity 4b - Adding an element into an image

Take the Quiz

Test your skills by trying the quiz. Depending on your class, you teacher may want to see the results right way. In any event, knowing the answers to these questions will help you write the post test for the module.

Activity 4 Quiz (Regular) or Activity 4 Quiz (Acc)

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