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Finishing Up

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Submitting Your Work

Once you've completed the activities, you will need to put all of your images into a slide show to be handed in. You may have also been adding images to PowerPoint as you worked through each activity.

Since Activity 5 is done in PowerPoint, you can add your images to that slide show if you like, or copy those slides into another slide show.

Be Sure to Check All the Project Requirements

The Introduction page, as well as each Activity page had specific requirements. You should review them to be sure you have completed each activity and created your slide show correctly.

See an example

An example of a completed slide show is here. Note that the animation in Activity 5 won't play (but you can see it in the Activity 5 section).

Step by step tutorials

Get help putting your images into PowerPoint

Cleaning Up After You've Finished This Module

Once you've finished, there's still one thing left to do.

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