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Photo Editing

New Brunswick



Create a series of edited photos and organize the finished product in a slide show.

Programs Required

  PhotoShop Elements 2PhotoShop Elements 5
Photoshop Elements (You can use any version)
Microsoft PowerPoint

Time Required


10 Classes

Group Size


This module can be done individually or with a partner. Check with your teacher.



Use the links on the left to work through the requirements for each of the activities.

The Finishing Up page tells you how to bring all of your images together to create the final project.

Important Requirements


All slides must include a title

Include both the original and edited pictures with your project

Use basic backgrounds for your slides

Do not include timings, transitions or custom animations*

Do not include sound or video components*

Do not reuse the example photos to create your work. Find other images

Follow the specific instructions given with each activity


* Activity 5 is the exception (You will need to use animation and sound).

Extra Resources


The Adobe PhotoShop Elements web site has a number of useful tutorials. You may wish to use these to develop your skills.

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