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Activity 6 - Advertisement

New Brunswick

What You'll Create

A black and white (b&w) newspaper advertisement that could be run in a local newspaper. It might promote a special offer or more simply remind potential customers of your name, location and purpose. It should be eye catching and contain a combination of text and images.

Use Microsoft Word to create your newspaper advertisement.


Advertising is important. Without it your business will have a hard time to survive long enough to grow. Since many people read the newspaper, it can be a cost effective way of promoting your business.

Features to include

  • Must be black and white.
  • Should measure 5"x7" / 7"x5" or smaller. Remember, you pay for newspaper ads based on their size. Large ads are expensive.
  • Include your logo. You will need to convert it to a black and white image first (using PhotoShop Elements).
  • Needs to contain all essential information (business name, location, phone number, etc.).

See an Example

See an example here.

Saving Your Work

Inside your folder save your newspaper ad as "6-NewspaperAd.doc".

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