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Activity 7 - Brochure

New Brunswick

What You'll Create

A brochure that describes your business and the products/services it provides.

Use Microsoft Publisher to create your brochure. If this is unavailable, use MS Word.


Brochures are a powerful way to communicate information about your business to potential customers. Brochures offer people a way to find out about your business in more detailed ways then newspaper ads or posters. Both portable and free, a brochure is something a potential customer can keep with them to contact you when they are in need of the services you offer.

Features to include

  • Must be in colour and must fill one letter sized page. Remember, brochures are double sided.
  • A 3 or 4 panel brochure which details your company and its products/services.
  • If possible, it should include pricing and other key information.
  • It may include an order form, coupon, response form, sign-up form, etc.
  • Make good use of your space by paying attention to sizing, graphics, layout, text, etc.

See an Example

Coming Soon

Saving Your Work

Save your brochure as "".

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