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Activity 3 - Business Card

New Brunswick

What You'll Create

If you are working in partners, you will create a separate business card for each partner. Include only the photo and contact information relevant for each person.


Business cards are an essential way to promote your business. You should have a card to leave with potential customers, to give to suppliers, advertisers, etc.

Features to include

  • Your card must measure 3 1/2" x 2" (8.89 cm x 5.08 cm). In Publisher, the default business card is set to this size. - Your name and position in your company (e.g. Owner, Cook, Manager, etc.).
  • Your business address and phone number. If possible also fax number, and E-mail.
  • Your business logo.
  • Make a separate card for each partner.
  • Your picture (You may need to take it with a digital camera or find it in a location indicated by your teacher. It may be located in a shared folder or drive (i.e. the Student_Share drive).

See an Example

Click to Enlarge
Business Card

Saving Your Work

Inside your folder save your business card as "". If you have created two cards, add the person's name to the end of the title, e.g. "3-BusinessCard-AnnieStudent".

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