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Activity 5 - Poster

New Brunswick

What you'll create

A colour poster that could be used to promote the grand opening of your business. It should provide essential details such as the business name and location. It should also offer customers a reason to check out your opening event (e.g. a discount, free gift, special offer, new products, clipable coupon, etc.). Use Microsoft Publisher to create your poster.

Your poster should be made to be put in store windows, on light posts, under car windshields or in other high visibility areas.


Promoting your business is essential. To get off to a good start it is helpful to have a grand opening event which will attract a lot of attention. Since people likely haven't heard of you before this is also a good way to make them familiar with your name, location and the type of products/services you offer.

Features to include

  • Must measure 8.5"x11"
  • Must contain a combination of text and images. Graphics can include real photos or clip art (you are encouraged to use PhotoShop Elements to edit images first).
  • Must be in colour.
  • Needs to contain all essential information - address, phone number, name of business.
  • Your poster should have some text which is eye-catching and easy to read. Other text can be smaller with more detailed information.
  • Include your logo on the poster.

See an Example

Coming Soon

Saving Your Work

Inside your folder save your grand opening poster as "".

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