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Canadian Heritage Project

New Brunswick



In this module you will explore an aspect of Canada's heritage, history or geography and prepare two presentations based on your findings. You will explore a person, place or thing that has contributed to the Canadian experience.

The first presentation will be a photo story. Using still photos and recorded dialogue, you will create a short narrated story based on your research (the same research you use to make the first presentation).

The second presentation will be a multimedia presentation created with PowerPoint, delivered by you (and your partner) in front of the class. You will prepare your dialogue and use the slide show to support it.

Creating two presentations based on similar information will allow you to explore how different formats can be used to present similar information. In creating your two presentations, you will experience the impact medium (format) has on what you say and how you say it.


Using the same research for both presentations will also allow you to use more of your time for creating the presentations.

Learning Outcomes

Conduct research using the Internet
  • Use proper methods of citing work
  • Evaluate the usefulness and accuracy of sources
  • Compare multiple sources
Create a Photo Story video
  • Create a story board/narrative for your presentation
  • Learn how to use Windows Photo Story 3
  • Use a microphone to record audio on the computer
  • Explore the differences between the two means of presenting
Create a presentation where you address the class assisted by a PowerPoint slide show
  • Develop presentation/public speaking skills
  • Make decisions about what information to include and omit
  • Develop skill working with PowerPoint
  • Learn how to incorporate multimedia into a class presentation

Programs Required

  PhotoShop Elements
Web Browser
Microsoft PowerPoint
MS Word
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Photo Story 3

Equipment Required

Microphone (for use with Photo Story)

Time Required


10-15 Classes (Research 2-3, Photo Story 3-5, PowerPoint 4-6, Presenting 1)

Group Size


This module should be done with a partner. Check with your teacher.



Work through the requirements for each of the activities

The Finishing Up page provides a summary of the things you need to be sure you have properly completed and prepared your work to be handed in

Important Requirements


Follow the requirements outlined for each activity

Provide source information for images and other content you take from the Internet (Cite the URL)

Since your work will be evaluated based on the material presented here, be sure to work through the material carefully.

If you work with a partner, each partner must contribute an equal share of presentation time (for your PowerPoint) or voice content (to your photo story).

Choice of Topic


Typically you will have a say in your choice of topic, but it will likely be the case that your teacher will not want you (and your partner) to cover the same topic as another group. This may extend across multiple classes if there is more than one BBT class. The choice of topics are generally first come, first served. Check with your teacher for more information.

Your teacher will give you information about which list or lists you can select from.

List A / List B / List C / List D / Complete List


It is a good idea to do some preliminary research on some of the possible subjects on the list to see if you will be able to find enough information. Since there are varying amounts of information on the Internet about each person, some of them will be easier or more difficult. In other words, don't just pick a topic off the list. You might not be able to change your topic later.

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