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In this module you will learn how to create web sites using table based layout in Dreamweaver. You will be exposed to many of the key areas of web design.

Programs Required

Microsoft Internet Explorer 7
Web Browser
Microsoft Word
MS Word

Time Required


10-15 Classes

Group Size


This module can be done individually or with a partner. Check with your teacher.



Work through the requirements for each of the activities.

The Finishing Up page provides a summary of the things you need to do to be sure you have completed and properly prepared your work to be handed in.




Follow the requirements outlined for each activity

Provide source information for images and other content you take from the Internet (Cite the URL)

Since your work will be evaluated based on the material presented here, be sure to work through the material carefully.

When naming files (pages, images, etc.) don't use spaces or capital letters. For instance, instead of calling your page "Air Hockey.html" call it "air–hockey.html" or "airhockey.html"

Introductory Videos


Watch these videos before you get started.

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