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BBT Curriculum Outcomes

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Grade 10 Specific BBTE Curriculum Outcomes

By the end of Grade 10 students are expected to:

1. Apply the knowledge and skills necessary for safe and responsible operation of equipment and resources.
  • independently apply safety skills in the lab
  • understand the principals of health and safety in the workplace
  • explain the legal requirements to protect themselves in the workplace
2. Apply positive, safe and ethical behaviours when using ICT.
  • understand and apply the guidelines for acceptable use of technology in accordance with the Department of Education Acceptable Use Policy 311 (in addition where applicable, district and school policy may add to these requirements)
  • correctly cite electronic sources including e-mail, web sites, images, sounds, and video clips
  • demonstrate an understanding of the meaning and potential legal consequences of plagiarism
3. Understanding of the influence of technology as it relates to self, work and society.
  • demonstrate formal job seeking skills
  • demonstrate an understanding of the educational and skill requirements for a variety of careers
4. Investigate, design, produce and evaluate technological solutions.
  • independently apply a design process model which should include, a design brief, investigate/research, generate options, select best option, design and produce (develop solution), evaluate and articulate.
5. Communicate effectively by designing, developing, publishing, and presenting multimedia and online products.

Word Processing

  • design a variety of documents choosing the most appropriate format, page layout and orientation


  • identify when a spreadsheet is the appropriate tool for organizing data to enhance or meet the requirements of a project or product
  • create, edit and format a spreadsheet


  • identify when a database is the appropriate tool for organizing data to meet the requirements of a project or product


  • plan and storyboard and create a variety of multi-media presentations with intended purpose and audience

Web Design

  • plan, storyboard and produce a web site with a minimum of three pages and an index page for an intended audience/purpose using both web editors and HTML

Graphic Editing

  • use advanced graphic editing applications

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