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Introduction to Journal Writing

Depending on your class and which module you are working on, you may be required to keep a daily journal. Journal entries consist of a few sentences that cover the highlights and challenges of each day.

Journal Writing Requirements

Be sure to enter all requested information (name, module, date, etc.). Poorly identified journals are much easier to lose.

Write your journal entry each day. You may be asked to show your journal at any time. It may be marked on the spot. Missing entries may count against your mark.

Write in full sentences. Pay attention to spelling and grammar.

Your journal should be from your perspective. As such, your entry should be different from your partners (if you have one).

A successful entry will consider both quality and quantity. You should try to show that you have given some thought to what you did during the class.

Introductory Videos

These videos cover the basics of journal writing.

Sample Topics for Journal Entries

There are several possibilities for your journal entry: your main accomplishment, biggest challenge, technical problems you encountered, breakdown of what each partners responsibilities, something you found interesting. Sometimes, the topics or focus will depend on which module you are working on, for instance, a keyboarding journal might include samples of your typing to show how you have improved. Check with your teacher for more ideas for journal topics.

As your journal serves to provide feedback for your teacher, you may wish to make suggestions or pose questions in your entry.

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