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Each student has a unique user name and password

Each student has an individual account from which to log onto the network. This information will be given to you within the first few days of BBT or by a teacher from another class.

Guard your log-on information very carefully. Do not share your password with anyone. Remember to log off at the end of your session. The security of your work and your account depend on it.

Students who fail to show proper caution in regards to the use of their account can have it suspended at any time. If you are unsure what the expectations are check with your teacher.

Computer use in New Brunswick schools is governed by Policy 311.

This is a sample of the log-in screen

Sample Log On ScreenUser name can be your name (First and Last) or something based on your name (some letters from your first and last name along with some numbers). You should not need to capitalize your user name. Be careful not to add blank spaces either before or after it..

Your password is a combination of letters, numbers and/or symbols. Depending on your district, you may or may not be able to change your password.

Log on to refers to the domain to which you are connecting. Students should select NBSS (the New Brunswick Student Server).

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