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Move your mouse over the image to find out about each section of the page.

Using the Videos

This site contains many narrated videos to help you learn. Every video has the ability to be paused and restarted. You can also quickly jump to specific points in a video by dragging the timeline indicator. You can also adjust the volume.

Depending on your screen resolution, you may find it easier to view the videos in full screen mode. You can enter this mode by selecting ALT + ENTER on your keyboard. To exit this mode hit ALT + ENTER again.

You can also force the videos to open in a fully controllable new window by holding down the Control key while clicking on each link.

Guide to Icons - What They Mean

What it tells you...
Guidebook Guidebook Provides written instructions or details about your current project.
Video Video Indicates a video file that will open in a new window. Videos can be paused and replayed.
Picture Picture Provides a still image that provides details about your current project.
Tutorial Tutorial Links you to a related Tutorial.
File File Indicates a file you will need to save to your computer to work on a project
Quiz Quiz A short quiz to assess your learning. Each comes in two versions, regular and accommodated.
Pop Up Link Pop Up Link A link that opens a page from this site in a new window
External Link External Link A link to an external source, not part of this website.
Jump to Top Jump to Top Clicking this icon returns you to the top of the current page.
Expand Menu Expander Clicking this icon expands a menu item.
Collapse Menu Collapse Clicking this icon collapses a menu item.
Important Requirement Important Requirement Indicates an important requirement for a project.

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