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Acceptable Use Policy

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What an AUP is and why you should consider using one

The acceptable use policy is a contract students (and their parents) sign to indicate that they realize the expectations that accompany the use of computers (and other technologies) in the school. It covers the essentials of Policy 311 and provides teachers with an opportunity to clearly go over what is allowed and what is prohibited with regards to computer use.

Once the documents are handed out and signed, you should collect them and keep them in a safe location. You may wish to have them signed as students enter the BBT program or at the start of the year, with the homeroom teacher assuming the responsibility for them.

Getting the AUP

You can download a copy of the acceptable use policy here (in MS Word format).

How to customize the AUP document

Here are the steps to customize the policy to include your school name and logo.

1. Use the Replace command to replace (name of school) with your school's name.

Click on the image to see a short guide on using the Replace feature of MS Word.
Click here to see a guide on the Replace feature in MS Word

2. Add your school logo (if you wish).

3. Make other changes (if necessary) to suit your circumstances.

Other customizations you may wish to make

The AUP can be changed to reflect a variety of circumstances. Here are some common custimizations teachers have made:

  • Removing the line for parents to sign.
  • Adding lines about special equipment used in your class/school.
  • Simplifying language/terms for special needs & IEP students.
  • Adding the school logo or banner.
  • Adding a footer with contact information for the school.
  • Modifying document to be printed on school letterhead.


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