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In this module, you will select and research a topic, then organize your information into a story board and finally, create a Photo Story.

Your story board is an outline of what your Photo Story will look like. It includes pictures and a written script. A Photo Story combines images, narration and music to create a short video.

Programs Required

  Microsoft Word
Internet Browser
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Publisher
Microsoft Photo Story

Equipment Required

  Microsoft PowerPoint

Time Required


6-10 Classes

Group Size


This module could be done individually or with a partner. Check with your teacher.



Work through the steps in the getting started section. Be sure to cover all steps. Follow the instructions on this page and in each section.




Research: Include your sources - put them in your story board.

Story board: Your story board script should match the dialogue in your Photo Story.

Photo Story: Your Photo Story should be between 1:30-2:00 minutes in length.

Your Photo Story needs to make use of a variety of techniques as outlined in the tutorial section.

Be sure to cover both the Photo Story and Internet Research tutorials. Your mark will be impacted by how closely you make use of their information.

Useful LInks


You can visit the official Photo Story site for a free download of Photo Story (for your computer at home). There is also additional information about the program. is one of the premiere web sites about Photo Story. You will find more helpful information there.

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