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Recreating A Sample Presentation

New Brunswick

What You'll Create

In this activity, you will recreate a sample slide show. You will attempt to create a slide show as similar as possible using a number of provided files (images, sounds, text), clip art and other elements.


The main purpose of this activity is to introduce you to many of main aspects of PowerPoint. It is also intended to have you use a variety of features and techniques you may not have encountered otherwise. It is hoped that you will apply a number of these techniques to your original slide show later in the module.

Features to include

  • All the downloaded elements are to appear in your slide show
  • Your slide show should resemble the original show as closely as possible in every detail
  • Be sure to follow the Guide to help you specifically match fonts, styles, backgrounds and other elements
  • Be sure to save your slide show in a folder with all the proper file names (see the orientation section for help)
  • Your final folder of work for this Activity needs to contain your slide show as well as the sound clips used

See an example

You can view the slide show you are going to recreate here.

Slide Still Images

You can see a still image of each slide here. Notice that the gray area surrounding each image is part of the workspace. Each image is zoomed out enough to show all elements for each slide.

Slide 1 / Slide 2 / Slide 3 / Slide 4 / Slide 5 and Slide 6.

Puppy Slide Show Creation Guide

This guide provides information about fonts, images, effects, backgrounds and other elements of your slide show.

Puppy Slide Show Creation Guide

Introductory Videos

Watch these videos to familiarize yourself with PowerPoint and this module.

Script, Images and Sounds

You will need to download each of these items to your user area. To save them, just right click and select save target as, browse to your folder and then select save.

script / dog image / dog paw image / main song / end song and bark sound effect.

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