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Activity 2 - Logo

New Brunswick

What You'll Create

An original logo (symbol or graphic) for your business. Almost all companies have logos to help customers recognize them. The best examples are McDonald's "Golden Arches" and the Nike "Swoosh".


A logo is used to represent your company. It helps people recognize your brand. While it may contain text, it doesn't need to.

Features to include

  • Your logo must not infringe on any existing copyright. That is, it must not use images or symbols which are owned by another company or individual.
  • Your logo must be in colour.
  • It should be reasonably sized and look clear. 300x300 pixels, for example, would be a good size.
  • If your logo is based on other images, save them in your folder. Call them " 2-logo-source1, 2, etc.". - Later, you will need a black and white version of your logo. You may want to consider how it will look with the colour removed, or create a variation of it for that purpose.
  • Save it as a jpeg or gif. Remember it will need to be a gif if you require a clear background.

See An Examples

See an example here.

Saving Your Work

Inside your folder save your logo as "2-Logo.jpeg" (or "2-Logo.gif").

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