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Recreating A Sample Website

New Brunswick

What You'll Create

In this activity you will learn may of the basics of web site development using Dreamweaver. You will recreate a sample web site and, in the process, experience many of the challenges and decisions that go into creating a web site from scratch.


You may have created a web site already by modifying a template or form (think Piczo, MySpace or Blogger), but with those, most of the work is done for you. By learning how it is done you will be able to create a site entirely by yourself. As well, you will develop a better understanding and appreciation of what goes into creating a web site.

Features to include

  • You need to include all the text and images from the original site.
  • You should try to match, as closely as possible, the look, layout and feel of the original web site.
  • Be sure to save all your pages, images and other files in one properly named folder.

Touring the Activity 1 Website

Web site Creation Guide

This guide covers the specifics of each section of the web site. Everything it contains is mentioned in the videos, but it will be useful as a quick guide to the information. It includes information such as colour and measurement. It does not include the script (text) of the web site; you will find that in the script file below.

Web site Creation Guide

Site Page Images

You can see a still image of each page of the Four Seasons web site here. Use these images as reference for your work.

Home Page, Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, and Sources.

Script, Images and Sounds

You will need to download each of these items to your user area. To save them, just right click and select save target as, browse to your folder and then select save. For help with the zip file, check the compressed archives tutorial.

Download the script, and images (zip format). Check the Compressed Archives tutorial if you need help extracting the files.

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