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Activity 3 - Create a Vintage Photo

New Brunswick

What You'll Create

Beginning with a colour image in good shape, you will distress the photo to create a vintage effect. Depending on your preference, you could simulate a range of elements such as sun damage, scratches, rips, spills, poor equipment, film or technique or other elements of distress.


The most basic aging technique for pictures is to make them black and white or sepia tone. These effects help hide minor flaws in the colouration and add a timeless look.

More severe techniques can be used for emphasis or effect on projects, invitation, etc. and can be found in a range of situations.

Features to include

  • The original image for comparison (to see how much you've done to your picture)
  • The URL for your original image... the web address where you found it.
  • You are to experiment with at least five different techniques. If you like, you can spread this out over more than one picture. But be sure to include all the originals along with a separate description for each image.
  • If you alter more than one image, provide a description of what you did to each image.

See an example

The Activity 3 example is here.

Vintage Photo Creation Guide

Guide to Creating Vintage Photos

Step by step tutorials

Take the Quiz

Test your skills by trying the quiz. Depending on your class, you teacher may want to see the results right way. In any event, knowing the answers to these questions will help you write the post test for the module.

Activity 3 Quiz (Regular) or Activity 3 Quiz (Acc)

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